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Setting training goals helps employees enhance their knowledge and skills, which, naturally, only increases what they'll deliver in the future. So, an investment in skills now means a more profitable and productive future. Long-term success.

With that in mind the Mega Link Company Management put together a training program on team work development was held at Mbezi Garden, Giraffe Conference Hall on 29th Feb 2020

Participants were from all different departments, naming; Administration, Accounts, Electrical Engineers and technicians, Air Conditioning Engineers and technicians, Plumbing Engineers and technicians, Bag filters Engineers and technicians, Mechanical Engineers and technician, Safety officer they all attended this workshop Training. During the program the participants were trained in details on issues like time Management skills, Team building, Work Ethics.

Time management Skills

A special attention was given to describe pros of redeeming time and having the management skills of you time especially on fulfilling your responsibilities at work. Trainer Mr. Msokwa emphasize much on leaders to acquire this time management skills for day to day duties content in time line, and I quote; “The goodness of being a leader is that all responsibilities lie unto you and to any given situation whatsoever a you will always be liable to either good or bad”. So if you know how to manage your will give a space to rectify the mistakes if it is rectifiable.

Team Building

Mr. Msokwa categorizes team work in two main groups which was Temporary and Permanent depends on the task. He explained in details on criterial of good team work and gave the needs required when building team work, also aired out challenges which arise on team work. And on this topic He gave a saying “If your mind is present you will never make unfitting decisions”

Work Ethics

Mr. Msokwa says “Your Company, Boss and Team must depend upon you”. So he teaches us on what to do so to build faith to every one who you work with. Some of the points were Positive Attitude, adopt the environment, self-boldness, Upgrade yourself, and respect you leaders together with its chain of command. Etc.


The return on investment from training and development of employees is really a no brainer. The training gave the employees a greater understanding of their responsibilities within their role, and in turn builds their confidence.

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