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We Offer 24/7 Innovative Solution for a wide variety of industries we work on.


With the growing demand of AC motors in various industries such as oil & gas, mining, wastewater treatment and cement Industry, the market of AC motors is growing. A company has to know what it’s paying for.

MEGA LINK Co. Ltd offers a comprehensive range of reliable and high efficiency ABB motors for all applications. ABB Motors has what it takes to help every industry reaching highest levels of efficiency and energy savings even under the most demanding conditions



Every Company needs to maximize the return on transformer assets by ensuring a high reliability, reducing down time costs and ensuring maximum performance, which is why MEGA LINK Co. Ltd offers a complete range of ABB distribution transformers both liquid-filled and dry-type transformers designed to grant the reliability, durability, and efficiency required in utility, industrial, and commercial.



Every business or company is based on minimizing running cost as much as possible, which includes the biggest headache of all business, efficiency and performance of equipment and machinery in your plant. You know that everything counts to make you more competitive.

We sell ABB drives which are made with all this in mind, empowering productivity and efficiency. They provide flexibility to help you optimize your processes and control, and reliable for less downtime.


Air Condition Units

It used to be a nightmare to get locally AC units with a local back up of spare parts, now this is a story of the past, MEGA LINK Co. Ltd deal in Fresh Air Units, a brand which is locally assembled and build for Africa by Fresh Air Ltd, a sister company to Mega Link. It comes with a 5 year warranty on compressors.

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Why Choose Mega Link

Our Vision

To provide quality services that exceed the expectations of our esteemed clients by keeping pace with today’s fast-growing, innovative business climate and striving to remain on the cutting edge by using the latest technology from our in-house repairs to new installation methods while setting the standards for our industry.

Our Mission

To build long term relationships with our clients and provide exceptional client services by pursuing business through innovation, quality of service and advanced technology. Also building strategic partnerships with our clients by ensuring complete customer satisfaction.


MEGA LINK CO. Ltd is committed to a high quality of workmanship. We provide a safe work environment on all of our works. We believe the quality in our work will represent us for years to come. Our stringent Quality Assurance Practices ensures that our clients will receive consistent quality through a simple philosophy of getting the job done on time and on budget while still providing quality of service.